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Does this sound too good to be true?

Why would you want to pay me good money for help doing something as (supposedly) simple as running your home?

People pay money to go to groups that help them lose weight, even though losing weight is simple-in theory. Some people just need advice on doing this more efficiently, and the group dynamic motivates them.

At Supermummies we will do the same thing. Everybody knows how to wash dishes, do some dusting, etc. I can help you do this more efficiently, you will get extra motivation from the group, the mountain of chores won’t seem insurmountable if we all do them together, and hey-it might make it more fun. All this for a monthly subscription of just £4.99!

When you think about how much money is wasted every day because you never got around to eating those veggies rotting in your fridge, you had to buy yet another item because you put the original item “somewhere safe” and now you can’t find it.

And how much time do you waste hunting for things at the last minute, stressing yourself out and everybody around you? Isn’t it time for a change? Imagine never having to spring-clean again!

I will post daily to-do lists, which you can, either tick online or print out and do.

It doesn’t matter how much or how little you get done each day. The important thing is that you are doing your best and have taken that first little step.

Every day we will add something new, but don’t worry-I will make sure you don’t get overwhelmed. Each job will take no longer than 10 minutes, so you no longer have to set aside an entire day to catch up.

With Supermummies there is no catching up-just jump in where you are and you will soon be up-to date with your chores!

Sample List

Hi ladies, welcome to another week of sparklification :)

Basic dirt busters:
-Put on a load (wash, dry and put away a full load)
-Make the beds
-Sparklify Bathroom.
-Mini-dash (2 minutes each in 3 rooms of your choice)
-Quick vacuum (only the spots you can easily get to)
-10 minutes ironing (only if you have some, obviously )
-Decrunchify kitchen floor (sweep the floor once a day)
-Clear the decks

What are you making for dinner? Get the meat/fish etc. out of the freezer so you are prepared

Clutter Buster: We are in our dining room this week. Let’s set the timer for 10 minutes and declutter as much as we can, clearing the surfaces and floor.

Grime Buster: Our other room this week is the kitchen. Let’s clear the worktops one small area at a time and wash them down. Only put back the small appliances you use every day and find a place to put everything else

Extra Task:
Let’s strip the beds and treat them to some clean sheets

Treat yourself:
a) Put on a lovely facemask.
b) Settle down with your favourite book or magazine.
c) You choose.

Think of any bigger projects that need doing. Weeding your garden, paint jobs, scrubbing the patio, clearing out the shed or garage...
Devote just 10 -15 minutes every day. You don't have to stop there if you don't want to. But at least you are getting started. You will get there.

Today’s tip: Make a bubble solution by filling a plastic cup with a little water and a good squirt of washing-up liquid. Let the children dip a straw in it and blow through the other end of the straw to get some bubbles. Lovely-bubbly

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