Does the phrase” A woman’s work is never done” ring a bell? Most of us have probably wished for a 25-hour day at some time in our lives.
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There are some people out there, who just seem to be naturally organised. They have spotless homes, immaculate children, they look effortlessly elegant-I used to ask myself: How do they do that?

After having children myself, I thought I would just magically get into a routine of getting all my housework done, take my children out on playdates, fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes and still spend quality time with my husband.

In reality, in the beginning I was lucky to fit in a shower and get dressed on some days, never mind getting anything done or actually setting a foot outside the door, by the time I had seen to the children. Every spare minute was spent franticly washing dishes here, wiping a table there, throwing on the washing machine; I was often still doing the ironing at midnight!

And yet, no matter how much cleaning I did, the house just never stayed tidy! I never seemed to get anything more than the basics done. We were drowning in a sea of clutter, I didn’t know where to start, and there just wasn’t enough time. I was a desperate housewife, wishing Kim and Aggie would swing by.

But ladies, there is hope!
Through a mixture of in-depth research and my own experiences, I finally stumbled on a new method of getting things done more effectively. I would like to help YOU do the same!

Develop quick and easy routines to get your chores done
Declutter & Develop good habits
Find out about fantastic new products and tips to make your life easier
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Feel better about yourself inside and out
Break down all your huge jobs into smaller, more manageable tasks
Do your chores together with us instead of facing them all alone
Get the recognition you deserve for all the hard work you do!

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